HR advisory

People are the heart of every business. They are the ones who add value to your company and raise your services to a higher level. However, the various social benefits, legal obligations and administrative formalities relating to personnel policy are often complex.

“That is why VGD's HR advisors are ready to provide you with more clarity and a refreshing view of your HR policy.”

HR audit

HR Audit

Personnel and organizational audit is used to evaluate human resources, their management and organizational structure. The result is recommendations regarding the application and development of key employees of the company, improvement of human resources management tools and streamlining of its organizational structure.



Personnel audit has two basic focus:

  1. human resources audit and
  2. audit of the company's human resources management.

"The common goal of personnel audit is to map and streamline the management of human resources and their use, including the strengthening of corporate culture. This process very often brings significant financial and personnel savings, precisely due to increased efficiency in the use of human resources."

What can we help you with at VGD?

  • With the setting of the organizational structure;
  • With defining workloads;
  • With mapping of your processes - recruitment and selection of employees, onboarding, remuneration, education system, benefits system;
  • With a description of your personnel processes in a clear and understandable structure - Internal guidelines;
  • With the setting of internal communication in the company and team activities leading to engaged employees.

The output of the audit is a description of the current state and recommendations in individual areas.

HR advisory

HR and short-term interim services

Interim Manager will provide you with a complete human resources agenda. We will be happy to help you if your manager is less experienced and he will welcome expertise in individual areas, or if you do not yet have an HR manager and you need to develop your people and processes. Our services will always be tailored to your current needs.

We will help you solve your short-term need and provide you with the outsourcing of your human resources agenda if:

  • You are in the process of finding an HR specialist and you need to temporarily cover this agenda;
  • You don't need full-time HR yet (smaller companies);
  • You are missing part of your HR "puzzle" (expertise in one of many areas);
  • You plan to create an HR position, but you don't know where to start;
  • You are undergoing restructuring and your HR specialist needs a professional partner in this process.
Uw administratieve partner

Close to the entrepreneur

Our HR advisors are always ready to work with you on all aspects of human resources policy or to find solutions to various problems that may arise. For example, they can assist with the various aspects of personnel policy (recruitment, remuneration, development, evaluation, organisation) or provide support in other situations:



  • Social law problems
  • Dismissal of staff
  • Restructuring and acquisitions
  • Conflicts among staff
  • Burn-out problems
  • Process screening

For more information about this area please visit our section Employment and Benefits.

In addition to all these processes, our HR advisors can also assist you as an administrative partner, taking care of all or part of your company's personnel administration and entering into discussions with the social secretariat. This way you can focus on your core activity: entrepreneurship!

Do you have any further questions regarding your HR policy? You can always contact our HR advisors