Subsidies, grants and non-repayable financial contributions - these are opportunities which can help to grow your business. However, a common obstacle is lack of information about such possibilities, an unclear process and a number of bureaucratic obstacles. Our mission is to provide you help throughout the process from the selection of the call and application to the completion and evaluation of the project.

Eurofund investment plans are divided into programming periods. We are currently in a period when it is necessary to utilize more than 8 billion EUR from programming periond ending 2023 and 780 million from the REACT package (corona crisis mitigation package). At the same time, a new programming period 2021 - 2027 begins, in which more than 40 billion will be allocated to Slovakia to be used by 2030. This funding package is intended for:

  • the development of cities and municipalities (empowered regions),
  • entrepreneurs for development and innovation, digital technologies and industrial modernization,
  • innovation and support for small and medium-sized enterprises, digital technologies and modernization,
  • subsidies for farmers.

How do we cooperate?

Introduction meeting - during the meeting we will become familiar with your strategic plans and select the appropriate type of grant from the currently announced calls. We can focus either on a specific purpose or on the strategy of your company.

Preparation of the application - together we will prepare the application in accordance with the call and the manual for the specific grant, including all mandatory annexes. During the whole process, you will be assigned a project manager who will inform you about every step.

Completion and submitting the application - in order to increase the chances of obtaining a grant, our goal will be to complete your application as soon as possible. Once approved, the application will be submitted.

Clarification of the application - in case of the request for additional data, elimination of formal or informal shortcomings, you can contact us again. We will also help in this phase of the process.

The decision - a positive evaluation of the application depends on many factors. If the application is approved, the Non-Repayable Financial Contribution Agreement is subsequently signed. If the application is not approved, we will help you prepare an appeal against the decision.

Sustainability of the project - we can help you during the so-called "Sustainability of the project" until the end of the project. It is often necessary to meet other obligations and values ​​to maintain the subsidy, whether in the area of ​​administrative activities, financial flows (payment claims, quantification of eligible project expenditure), project management (monitoring reports), or possible control by the assistance provider or higher control authorities. .

Documentation - we will keep the complete documentation for you in electronic form, if necessary, at the latest after the end of the entire process, we will hand it over to you in a clearly arranged manner.


Why to cooperate with us?

We will guide you through the complex process, saving you the time and energy you would spend studying challenges, manuals, instructions and filling out forms. You do not have to attend information meetings about project administration, or get acquainted with electronic administration systems. We will provide administrative or communication support to you for the entire duration of the project.

Do you need help with actual calls?

You can always contact us.