Support in all questions

As an entrepreneur in IT or technology, you are an expert in the core activity of your company. However, other aspects of entrepreneurship can often be complex: how do I set up my company? What do I need to do to comply with my industry's regulations? How do I streamline my accounting? How do I implement a good human resources policy?

“VGD has various specialists in tax, asset planning, HR or social law at its disposal who can offer advice tailored to your company with a view to its success.”

 Our tax experts are happy to discuss ideas about various issues such as innovation taxation and our legal experts can offer support in applying for patents for the developments you are working on.

As far as your accounting is concerned, we try to relieve you of as much of the work as possible. After all, VGD has been surfing the wave of digitisation for years, including our accounting processes. For example, we have various digital platforms with which we can streamline your accounting and turn it into a tool that supports you in the growth of your company.



Do you have any further questions? You can always contact our advisors!