Construction and project development

Construction and project development

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Every company is different and every sector also has its own tax legislation that it has to follow. This is certainly the case in the construction sector. In Slovakia, companies in the construction sector are subject to very specific tax and social security legislations.

“Our advisors will think through all the possible issues with you.”

In addition, in case of purchase or sale of real estates or providing of construction services, our legal & tax consultants will provide you feedback on all risks that may arise, e.g. application/not application of VAT, revision of contract for work with local supplier etc. 

“We can draw up feasibility studies for all projects in advance and calculate the total cost price so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises during the project itself.”

Personnel policy and social legislation in the construction sector have always had a special character. This is mainly because of the different types of labour contracts, temporary contracts, employees from abroad and working with subcontractors and freelancers. In this field, our legal and social law experts are also at your service with tailored advice.



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