If you are interested in self-employment and need help setting up or just solving a problem you do not understand, contact VGD.

As a newcomer to the business world, you will initially experience certain tax, accounting and legal obligations. However, most entrepreneurs only want to devote themselves to their work and leave these matters to others.

“The VGD specialists act as a partner who has an overview. It helps you grow and enjoy your success.”

We take care of all the administration and offer expert advice in many areas. With our reports you will always have an overview of your accounting records and processed documents, which will be easily accessible. In addition, the team of experts will also advise you on questions relating to taxes, protecting personal property against business risks or building a good retirement plan.



Legislation on self-employed persons has always been complex and subject to frequent changes. Many times you have many questions that you can't find answers to. We know which authorities are submitting specific documents. We will also answer questions about the preparation of a retirement plan or the structuring of your company. VGD has a multidisciplinary team of specialists with years of experiences in this area.

"This means that our specialists are watching new legislation and ensure that you are always up to date."

Meanwhile, VGD accountants will simplify financial management with their own digital platforms, lawyers will advise you on all the documents you need to get your business started, and tax experts, along with financial planners, will help you optimize your property structure and pension planning.

With us, you have more time to provide advice tailored to your specific needs. Just write them to us.

Do you need advisory in self-empployed bussines?

We are here for you.