Legislation on indirect tax or VAT contains a complex set of rules, national and international, which are constantly subject to change and which may have an impact on the entrepreneur's daily activities. It can therefore be a full-time job to understand this legislation, keep track of its changes and translate them into practical applications, solutions and proposals. VGD's VAT specialists are happy to help you with this.

“At VGD, we understand VAT legislation and will be happy to help you. We are constantly monitoring its changes and we are presenting practical proposals and solutions.“

VAT advice tailored to your company

Support in all questions regarding VAT

VGD's VAT specialists not only see it as their task to familiarise you as an entrepreneur with the complexity of indirect taxation and to assist you with all your questions and problems, but also provide a proactive service to keep you informed of recent changes.

Our VAT specialists focus mainly on commercial businesses, both at national and international level. They also have extensive knowledge and experience in the non-profit sector.

Moreover, the VGD VAT team is part of both our internal international VGD network and the external international network (Nexia), which allows us to find an answer to every international VAT questions you may have.

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Our VAT services

The VGD VAT team offers the following categories of services:

  • VAT representation
  • Foreign VAT refundation
  • Advice
  • Audit
  • Training 

The VGD VAT team can, among other things, provide you with specific assistance in the following areas:

  • Fulfilment of VAT formalities for Slovak and foreign taxable persons (application for VAT numbers and VAT licences, submission of VAT returns and other listings and declarations, conduct and/or supervision of VAT accounts, creation and supervision of VAT units, etc.)
  • Assistance with VAT controls, disputes, regularisations, etc.
  • Advice at all important moments in the life cycle of your company (establishment, restructuring, closure)
  • Advice on planned changes in trade flows, implementation of new accounting package, ... and assistance with preparing for decisions
  • Advice on VAT optimisations and implementation guidance
  • Proactive VAT audit in the context of acquisitions, audit in the context of statutory audit or audit as a stand-alone product

Do you have any further questions? You can always contact our advisors!