To measure is to know...

but analyses must, of course, be based on reliable figures. VGD’s auditors are ready to help you with this! The reliability of your financial reporting is an absolute necessity in communication with all commercial and financial relations.


Statutory audit and special legal assignments

Statutory audit

As statutory auditors, we check and certify your annual accounts. Working closely with you, we perform the following tasks:

  • Mapping the risks of your organisation
  • Analysing internal control mechanisms to mitigate these risks
  • Providing recommendations on reducing risks
  • Detecting opportunities for process optimisation
  • Assessing whether the material items in your financial statements give a true and fair view
  • Proposing corrections where material errors are found

All this results in a clear audit report on the annual accounts or financial reporting of your organisation in accordance with international audit standards. 

“Our auditors also use their expertise to provide professional business advice. In order to take timely and appropriate action, we examine and test the internal controls.”

We communicate the risks and opportunities we discover quickly and accurately.

In addition to the traditional statutory audit, we can also:

  • Perform a limited review of your financial statements.
  • Conduct a tailor-made financial audit (an ‘agreed upon procedures’ engagement).

Legal assignments

In addition to a statutory audit, our auditors perform special legal tasks, such as:

  • capital contributions in kind
  • demergers
  • mergers
  • liquidations
Jan Lamber voortman

Now with working with VGD Slovakia, we were presented with a detailed report that gave us full insight and draw our attention to area's we as management think are important. VGD Slovakia is an excellent partner to soundboard on this insights and important topics.

Jan-Lamber Voortman
checking numbers

Other services

Our auditors can also carry out the following assignments for you:

  • Due diligence in the context of planned acquisitions
  • Valuations of the organisation
  • Financial analyses and feasibility studies
  • Preparation of consolidations (whether or not in accordance with IFRS)
  • Internal audits
  • Risk management

“More than just checking figures.”

  • With more than 7 company auditors and more than 150 statutory audit mandates, VGD Audit is one of the largest players in Slovakia.
  • Experience of all types of companies and non-profit organisations
  • An internal team of specialists in the fields of tax and legal aspects, social law and corporate finance who can help you with all aspects of your organisation
  • We are your advisors! We transform our analyses into clear recommendations that help you, as an entrepreneur, with the decision-making process and the growth of your business.

Let's talk!

For us, open communication between you and our auditors is essential.

We guarantee a personal approach tailored to your organisation. For example, striving for continuity in our teams is very important, both to carry out our work as effectively as possible and to limit the burden on your internal organisation. To this end, we are also constantly working on the digitisation of our processes, information and communication flows.

We regard a long-term relationship of trust as enormously important. To this end, we aim for direct communication in which the case manager is a direct point of contact for all questions. Because of our horizontal structure, you are always in direct contact with the responsible partner.

Looking for an audit tailored to your company? You can always contact our auditors!