Corporate Finance

Are you planning a takeover? Do you want to acquire a company? Expanding your business and translating this into an adequate business plan? Developing an acquisition strategy? Leaving your business to a third party in the absence of any family succession? VGD has the right people on board to guide you through these complex processes.

“The strength of our corporate finance specialists is that, in addition to their expertise and years of experience in takeovers and mergers, they have a multifunctional team that can support you in all possible areas.”

This team also specialises in tax and all the social and employment law aspects that you may have to deal with during the takeover process.

Merger and acquisition support

Merger & acquisition support

Our corporate finance advisors will assist you from A to Z during the acquisition. This way you always have all the answers and you know what steps need to be taken.

  • If there is no contact yet with a potential buyer or seller, our experts will provide a clear and informative business analysis. We also analyse the feasibility of major investments, capital operations, a merger, an acquisition, or a sale for you, so you know the different options and which ones are the most advantageous in your situation.
  • If the two parties are already in contact, we will draw up a clear information memorandum containing all relevant information for the preparation of the negotiations. We also assist with the layout of a data room, answering questions from buyers, etc.
  • During the takeover negotiations with the other party, our specialists sit down at the table to provide assistance with regard to the price and conditions to be negotiated.
Due diligence

Due diligence

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises after the acquisition, our experts carry out extensive financial due diligence, both for the seller and for the buyer. In close collaboration, the focus is placed on the elements that drive the price, including:

  • Recurring EBITDA analysis
  • Analysis of the normalisations carried out
  • Current trading
  • Insight into the level of working capital
  • Insight into net financial debt

This results in a clear and targeted report that includes all findings, including those on tax, social and legal issues. This document is the basis for the guarantees and securities to be included in the acquisition contract.



As an objective valuation of a company is necessary for a correct acquisition or merger, we value your company based on common methods such as the discounted cash flow method or the EBITDA multiple method.

In the case of real estate companies, holding companies or if there is no return, the valuation is carried out on the basis of adjusted equity capital.

We use an international database when looking for comparable companies to calculate the weighted average cost of capital and the EBITDA market multiple. This ensures that this valuation passes the test! 

Investment plan

Preparation of investment plan

We bring your figures together in an investment plan that provides clarity about your financing needs in the future. This can become part of your business plan and can be used to raise capital. 

“If desired, our experts can participate in negotiations with financiers and private equity funds.”



Summer is in full swing and it is right time to start reading topic which is one of the most difficult ones, but we tried to present it in a simplified way and make it accessible to as many readers as possible. We would like to introduce you to our series of articles on transactions in the field of M&A - that is mergers and acquisitions - aimed at clarifying some technical terms and sharing some best practises both in easy language.

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Do you have any further questions regarding Corporate Finance? You can always contact our advisors!