Digital Transformation

The world is constantly changing and becoming more and more digital. Digitization is no longer the exclusive domain of large companies and multinational corporations that can invest in strategic innovations and comprehensive solutions. But it also provides new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.


„Digital transformation is not just about technology, but mainly about a better understanding of how a company works, its processes and relationships between people. It is not a one-off change, but a long transformational path of gradual steps that began long ago. Now it is a hot topic, as its tools are becoming much more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses as well, opening opportunities for step-by-step improvements.“

Tomáš Šalko - IT advisor


We believe that digital transformation is also the right strategy for small and medium-sized businesses, because more quality data brings better information, processes and people's knowledge, which have always been key ingredients in successful businesses.

These tools are now also more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises, which can make big steps with them to improve in all three areas.



  • build a database of available digital tools for different scenarios
  • optimize processes through automation and digitization
  • deploy robots to eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks and better use the potential of employees on other tasks
  • connect various data sources and displays them in the form of clear and useful reports
  • help set up data, document collection, sorting, and storage to support process digitization


People data is business data. Employee-centric HR processes and easy-to-use HR technology are taking over the strategic discussions in the board rooms of SMEs and corporations alike. XperienceHR is Your People Tool. It delivers the most flexible time off and attendance system on the market. The system integrates with any payroll or HCM system (local and international) via APIs or the import-export functions.

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