Establishment of your company

Do you want to set up your own company? You should be aware that it is not enough to draw up a business plan and then start your activities. Setting up a company involves a series of legal acts.

“Via VGD Legal, we are ready to assist you in the completion of this procedure and in the timely delivery of the necessary documents to the competent authorities.”

doing business in Slovakia

Do you plan to start investment or business in Slovakia?

We regularly update our publication Doing Business in Slovakia, where you find basic information about

  • legal forms of business,
  • accounting and auditing,
  • taxes,
  • labor law and social insurance,
  • intellectual property.

You can download the brochure here Doing business in Slovakia 2022

Notary accompaniment

Founding your company

Most types of companies are not officially recognised until they are established and a deed of incorporation has been drawn up. The incorporation of companies can be supervised from start to finish by our legal advisors.

Before signing all necessary paperwork, it is always handy to have a sound financial plan for the company. You should also be able to show the payment of the capital.  In addition, you must determine the articles of association of your company in consultation with our legal advisors. As soon as our legal advisors have the required information and necessary documents, the deed of incorporation can be drawn up. After signing with the notary, our legal experts will deposit the deed of incorporation for you at the registry of the commercial court.

The financial plan sets out your company’s expected income and expenditure over the next two years. You have to make a realistic assessment and bring the company's capital in line with this.

Finally, in the articles of association, the following is mentioned:

  • The company name, as registered with the Commercial Register.
  • The registered office of the company, being the address where the company is actually established.
  • The company's corporate purpose, which describes the company's proposed activities. Be as broad as possible and look to the future, because any change of purpose requires a notarial deed of amendment!
Notary accompaniment

You knowledge partner for all your questions

Drawing up the above documents often proves to be a challenge. Their correctness is extremely important for the proper establishment of your company. Every correction that needs to be made in the future will again be accompanied by a number of consecutive actions, including a visit to the notary.

The legal experts at VGD will be happy to help you right up to the point where your company officially gets off the ground. They will support you in drawing up the required documents and assist you in all contacts with the civil-law notary. This will ensure that your company is established correctly and that you do not have to worry about any revisions afterwards.

Questions regarding the drafting of these documents? You can always contact our advisors!