outsourcing of payroll

Do you have at least one employee in your company? Then, payroll also affects you! Payroll processing often takes a lot of time, so many businesses-men turn to outsourcing specialists to take over the payroll agenda and track the latest legislative changes.

“At VGD, we offer you payroll services based on years of experience in addition to auditing, accounting and tax consulting.”

For already a long time we are one of the top accounting and consulting companies in Slovakia. What ensured us this high position in this area is mainly systematic education and training of our employees who regularly enrich their know-how.

Our specialists will take over your payroll and personnel agenda related to payroll processing, the creation, course and termination of employment and follow the latest legislative changes. We can also provides you with a wide range of services, including personnel records, employee registration and de-registration, holiday processing, the processing and sending directly to e-mail of the electronic salary slips or advising on the employment of foreigners. We also advise on labor law, wages, HR, social insurance, health insurance and income tax.

If you give us permission, we will communicate with the public institutions on your behalf, for example by sending the monthly statement of premiums and contributions to the Social or Health Insurance Authority. In addition to meeting your requirements, we will help you reduce the risk of fines and help build your reputation. We will also reduce the cost of archiving paper documents and comply with the privacy policy in terms of GDPR.

“We are professionals, that’s the reason why you can expect active communication throughout your cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists who will be happy to share their experience with you.”


Payroll accounting

As part of payroll accounting, our VGD Payroll Team will provide you with:

• keeping the personnel agenda,

• logging in and out of employers and employees,

• complete payroll processing, including sending monthly statements,

• sending electronic pay slips directly to the email of your employees,

• consultancy in the area of Labor Code, HR, social and health insurance, income tax on employment,

• advice on the employment of EU and non-EU citizens;

• communication with public institutions,

• audit of human resources and wages,

• tailor-made training for clients.

In addition to meeting your requirements, we will help you reduce the risk of fines, help build your reputation, adhere to the highest GDPR privacy standards, and actively and professionally communicate throughout the collaboration.

If you have employees, do not have your own payroll officer, or are considering changing it, do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Do you have any further questions? Contact our advisors!