Claims of pregnant employees

Most benefits and allowances are paid only after the birth of the child. We will introduce you to those that are paid during pregnancy.

A pregnant employee may cover increased expenses during pregnancy from sickness insurance with the following benefits:

  1. Financial benefit related to pregnancy

This benefit is a new sickness insurance benefit and has been provided since 2021. The purpose of this benefit is to provide pregnant women with an income that will serve to compensate for their increased expenses due to pregnancy. The benefit is provided by the Social Insurance Agency from the 13th week of pregnancy at the earliest. It is possible to draw pregnancy benefit until delivery, i.e. simultaneously with the maternity benefit. Eligible for this benefit are employees, self-employed women and voluntarily insured women with sickness insurance.

The conditions for entitlement to financial benefit related to pregnancy are as follows:

  1. existing sickness insurance at the time of entitlement to benefit, or the running of the protection period within the meaning of § 64 (1) of the Labour Code;
  2. sickness insurance was for at least 270 days during the last two years at the time of the application for the benefit, i.e. in the 13th week of pregnancy (it does not have to be a continuous 270 days of sickness insurance without a break, therefore the period of two years before that is taken into account)

Application – it is issued by a gynecologist, who must confirm the expected date of childbirth in the application, the pregnant woman fills in the second page of the form and submits it to the Social Insurance Agency. No confirmation from the employer is required.

The maximum amount of pregnancy benefit in 2023 is € 370.30 for a 31-day calendar month and is calculated as 15% of the daily assessment base, the probable daily assessment base or the sum of the daily assessment bases.

Overlapping of pregnancy, maternity and also pregnancy and parental allowance is possible.

  1. Maternity allowance

The entitlement to maternity allowance arises at the 34th week of pregnancy or at the 32nd week of pregnancy. If the insured woman gives birth earlier, the entitlement arises from the date of confinement.

More information  about the claims, the conditions and the application itself  can be found here:

  1. Compensatory benefit

This sickness insurance benefit serves to compensate for the previous earnings of a pregnant employee up to the 9th month after childbirth when, due to pregnancy and maternity, she cannot perform the same job as before, is reassigned to another job and, based on this, her earnings will decrease.

Entitlement to compensatory benefit: arises from the date of transfer to another job

Application for compensatory benefit: - is available to a doctor who will issue it in the event of transfer to another job.  Unlike pregnancy benefit, the application must be signed and confirmed by the employer before handing over to the Social Insurance Agency.

Amount of compensatory benefit:  55% of the difference between the monthly assessment base (determined pursuant to § 56 (1) of the Social Insurance Act) and the assessment base from which the employee pays sickness insurance contributions in each calendar month after transferring to another job.

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