About VGD

As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with a number of aspects around your business that are constantly changing and modifying.
We will handle these activities for you.
So that you can focus on your core business and be more successful.



We think it is important to respond to your needs, but above all to identify new needs together and anticipate them. Based on this, together we take an inspiring look at your future. Of course, all of this is only possible by having a direct conversation with you.



More than 150 experts and a broad international network form the foundation of VGD. You get one point of contact, a sparring partner who keeps track of the situation and opens the door to our network of specialists. This way, for every challenge, you have the person with the most thorough expertise in that field.



Through credibility, we create tailor-made solutions for your future. That is the starting point for any action we take: to reliably deploy our skilled people, address your current needs and anticipate what the future may bring.

These needs are different for each client, which is why we completely tailor our solutions to your company’s needs.

Tailor-made solutions

Let's talk about you. What we already know is that we have all the necessary experts in house to make any collaboration a success. We don't yet know what your company needs. That's why we will listen carefully to your needs and map them out thoroughly. No partnership is based on a standard template! Based on your expectations, we will build a tailor-made strategy.


More than 20 years. That's how long we've been developing our knowledge and expertise. Our 150 skilled experts are represented throughout the country. But it doesn't stop there. We have also already built up a reliable network on an international level.

Our goal: to have a solution ready, even before you ask the question. We do this by proactively deploying our entire knowledge network for your family business.


Let's talk straight: if you grow, it's good for your company and for us. The status quo is not an option. When we work with you, we look forward. In addition to our daily tasks, we keep time free to inspire you and engage with you. Collaboration is growing together.



In Slovakia, we have three offices: in Bratislava, in Piešťany and in Banská Bystrica. That makes VGD highly accessible. It is important for us to combine the strengths of all our offices. Ten offices, one team.

Our European offices will help you realise your international ambitions. We have offices in Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and China.

CLA Global


VGD Slovakia is a member of CLA GLOBAL, a leading, global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, providing a comprehensive portfolio of audit, accountancy, tax and advisory services. CLA GLOBAL works with its member firms leveraging strength across the network and enabling the delivery of global solutions by member firms to their clients. 



Laws are regularly amended. We think it is important that you always have the most recent information available. That is why we regularly organise seminars where we explain the latest changes.