Employment & benefits

How do you prepare for the arrival of the social inspectorate? Is an employee asking for a pay rise? What possibilities are there for keeping labour costs at an affordable level for your company? How can you optimise your pay policy? Do you have older employees? What rights and obligations do you have? How can you, as an entrepreneur, improve the work-life balance of your employees? Flexible hours, teleworking, ...?



Have you asked yourself any of the above questions?

“Whichever sector your company is active in, VGD has social law specialists you can talk to about all questions concerning employment, labour law or personnel policy.”

Our advisors will be happy to help you tackle problems in these areas and provide you with the necessary advice to ensure that your organisation functions optimally and complies with all legislative and other requirements.

In the event of an individual or collective dispute, VGD's social law experts are ready to assist you in negotiations with various government agencies or in discussions with the trade unions, so that the best possible solution for all parties can be found.

Social Audit

Our areas of expertise

  • Social audit
  • Redundancy support
  • Optimising remuneration policies
  • Labour regulations
  • Support with social inspectorate checks
  • Negotiating with the National Employment Office, trade unions and inspectorates concerning individual or collective disputes
  • End-of-career issues
  • Working hours
  • International employment (e.g. work permits)

Do you have any further questions? You can always contact our social legal advisors