Digital accounting

At VGD we guide entrepreneurs as advanced as possible. This means that we also help you digitalise and automate your bookkeeping. We do this with the best software tools on the market, because correct data is the basis of every profitable business.


Not only do we encourage our customers to work digitally as much as possible and deliver documents digitally, we also like to help you with this! VGD tries to make these digital flows run as efficiently as possible by means of a well thought-out digital ecosystem.

5 tips to digitise your administration


By digitizing, you work more efficiently. We use a few smart software tools to do this.

Our online accounting software Helios and the Tulip portal allows you to simplify and automate many administrative processes. This ranges from the delivery of documents to a digital mailbox and the approval of invoices that can be paid, to the follow-up of outstanding invoices to send reminders.

In addition, thanks to our Silverfin and PowerBI reporting tools, you can digitally check the financial health of your company at any time of the day. Both reporting tools are always synchronized 1-on-1 with our online accounting software.

All this together translates into a smooth processing of the documents, a more frequent overview of the figures, a better insight into your figures and tailor-made advice!

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“As an entrepreneur nowadays, you have no choice but to join the increasingly strong trend of digitization in some form. Is it closer to you to gradually get acquainted with the new trend, but are you more of a radical step towards digitization? Our consultants will be happy to discuss with you how and to what extent the digitization of your administration is possible.”

Tomáš Šalko - IT advisor


  • Centralized, online available storage of accounting documents (buying and selling, but also the possibility to link invoices with order records);
  • Up-to-date and clear insight into your company's results;
  • Accessible anywhere: earlier when and where, regardless of the device (PC/laptop/tablet);
  • Clear reports and dashboards that clearly show the evolution of your results.

Digitized and automated accounting gives us more time to offer you tailored advice. Here you can read why we don't talk about accountants, but advisors.

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