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Optimal digital! Resolutely opt for digitisation!

As an entrepreneur, you are at the service of your customers all day long. After that full day's work, you often have a lot of administrative to-do's left over: planning appointments, drawing up or controlling invoices and quotations and fee offers, making payments ... By digitising, you work more efficiently. If you don't have to book your invoices yourself, you gain extra time for your core business. Does an accountant already do that for you? Then he or she can put the time gained into more advice. Only advantages, then!

For digibites and diehards

As an entrepreneur, you have to participate in digitizing. But do you start cautiously or do you immediately go radically digital? Smart software tools offer something for everyone. Based on your needs, you choose the desired features: from the mere uploading of invoices to a fully digital and searchable document archive on the web. Find out here what is possible with your administration on our VGD portal (powered by Tulip) and other digital tools:

Digital mailbox for invoices

From now on, send your purchase and sales invoices directly to your accounting software via the digital mailbox. Both sales and purchase invoices can largely be entered automatically using text recognition software, which remembers how an invoice from a particular supplier is composed. Or, alternatively, synchronise your sales invoicing package with your accounting package, so that you no longer have to enter your sales invoices (or have them entered) manually.

Scan cost receipts and upload to VGD portal web app

Scan your shop receipts or parking tickets on mobile with a scanner app and upload them directly to our VGD portal web application from your phone without a need of a scanner or a computer. Tampering with receipts and tickets is a thing of the past.

Strengthen your cost control and streamline your internal approvals

Do your have multiple persons involved in your purchase process? Then your need those involved in buying particular items to check the invoices before they are send to us as accountants for processing and payment. This is a must to keep the control and avoid paying for items not delivered or services not rendered. But this was also a tedious process in the past. Collect invoices, sort them, allocate to responsible persons, distribute, wait for approvals and collect the invoices back from them without loosing any documents. Not any more. Digitalised invoices are distributed to approvers and they can see them online, approve them, even on the go and system is keeping visibility who has to do the next step and logs all the steps from the start to end, keeping your head clear and focused on tasks important for your business.

Once separated internal and external environments are merging

In the past the documents and information where either in your company (without accountant knowing about them) or later at the accountant and missing in your company. Or alternatively, everything must have been copied, bringing another set of problems. Now these separate words merge into one. Once you upload documents or invoices to our VGD Portal, there is only one version of digital document accessible to your internal employees as well as to us, your accountants. This allows for such scenarios as accountant see the invoices which are still in the approval process and can create precises accrual to keep your monthly financial results correct. Difficult to imagine in the past.

Are you interested in digitizing your accounting?

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