International entrepreneur

International entrepreneur


Is your gaze fixed on the horizon? Are you considering expanding into other countries? Our advisors will support you all the way! Often, an international expansion raises questions concerning takeovers or the correct handling of matters such as transfer pricing, legal issues or VAT.

“Our advisors are experts in all fields and have experience in the law of different countries. In this way they can offer an answer to all your questions.”

 They will guide you through the entire acquisition process or offer you tax advice tailored to your company.

Are you looking for a partner like VGD abroad? Don't worry! Via our VGD colleagues in various other EU countries, as well as through our international network of CLA GLOBAL, we can assist you at all international levels.

Our Belgian colleagues have prepared this insightful booklet Doing Business in Belgium that will give you the first free advice if you want to expand your business to Belgium. We also attached booklet Doing Business in Netherland. You can find many useful information about business in our Hungarian neighbor in this link.


Any further questions about going internationally?

We will advise you.