We ensure the lowest fiscal pressure for all your plans!
Do you want to establish new company? Our legal experts will be happy to help you with all necessary documents.
A good business plan and financial plan are at the basis of the succes of your company!


Thinking about mergers or takeovers? Our corporate finance advisors will help you every step of the way!
You wish to optimise your accountancy? The advice from our accountants will bring direct return on investment!
With clear dashboarding and real-time information, VGD's CFO services help your business grow!

Custom advice

Custom service
Does payroll accounting take you a lot of time? Leave it to us and devote yourself fully to your business!


VAT is a complex matter for entrepreneurs! Our advisors will be happy to assist you!
People are the heart of any business. We make sure they are not missing anything!
Transfer pricing: relevant for all companies, both nationally and internationally!
Digitalization offers huge opportunities for companies. Find out how your company can benefit.
In search for personalised advice? Our lawyers will assist you in company law, takeover supervision and contract management!
A solid social legal basis for your personnel policy? We will be happy to advise you!
Implementation of the CSRD - with the sustainability experts from VGD Slovakia. We are ready to support you in your ESG journey: from strategy over compliance reporting to limited assurance providing.
As an entrepreneur you want to limit your risks! Our auditors can perform an external audit for solid and reliable numbers!
Develop your business with subsidies and grants. We will guide you through the process.
A solution for every challenge

A solution for every challenge

As an entrepreneur you often have questions about countless subjects ranging from taxation, accountancy or legal questions to planning your pension, applying for subsidies or taking over another company. However, you don’t need to deal with these matters on your own. VGD's specialists are ready to meet these challenges together with you, so that we can help you grow and prosper.

The ecosystem to make your company flourish

An ecosystem in which your business will flourish

The reason you set up your company in the first place was to do what you are good at, not to deal with formalities or administrative tasks! Thanks to our expertise, we ensure that as many of these processes as possible are automated.

This way less time has to be spent on administration and our specialists can give advice tailored to your company needs. Every company is different and you need a solution tailored to your company! That is why VGD has specialists with extensive experience in various fields, ranging from taxation, accountancy or corporate finance to HR, IT, subsidies or estate planning. With this expertise, we can work together to build the success of your company.

Your person knows all the details of the account

Your person knows all the details of the account

At VGD we make sure that you have a single point of contact for all your questions as an entrepreneur. Your account manager knows the file down to the smallest details so that you can get a quick and clear answer to all your questions. He or she will also proactively think with you about the future of your company and coordinate with the other specialists within VGD in order to be able to provide advice tailored to your company.