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VGD accountancy agency


Every day we relieve entrepreneurs of the financial-administrative burden and create the right insights to develop

The VGD SLOVAKIA accountants take care of your administration, provide the right financial insights and look after overall compliance with relevant laws and regulations so that you can focus on your business. By working together with VGD SLOVAKIA accountants, you strengthen your management team with specialist advisors in various fields whenever needed.

You can take better decisions with the right insights
Without reliable, carefully controlled and accurately reported figures, every business is at risk. For that reason VGD SLOVAKIA accountants offer a comprehensive range of services.

Knowhow yielding immediate return
Many companies forego profits because of a lack of information. Knowing how to limit the cost of your loans, what the optimal financing structure is, how you can structure the company better from a tax point of view is worth its weight in gold. VGD SLOVAKIA accountants can call upon in-house specialists in each of these areas. This allows us to fully prepare and defend your filings with the banks prospective investors, tax authorities and other stakeholders. The knowledge we provide translates into direct return.

Holding tabs of the latest regulations and legislation
Bringing transparency to the complexity of regulations and legislation simplifies doing business. Our staff ensure that you are in compliance and can optimally benefit from the opportunities that the legislation is offering.