German desk

German desk is part of the tax, accounting and payroll department of our company. It is the first contact point within VGD Slovakia for German speaking clients. Our primary goal is to provide reliable and fair advice to German-speaking clients as well as Slovak clients with interests in German-speaking countries, thus creating a bridge between Slovak and German business.

german desk

How we can help?

At VGD, we have a team of experienced specialists who are ready to share with you their knowledge and experience in the field of tax advisory services at national and international level and tailor-made solutions for you.

“Our linguistic and professional knowledge of different legal systems and business cultures, allows us to provide our clients with a higher level of service while understanding the differences between the German, Slovak and Austrian systems.”

We will gladly advise you not only in the area of ​​tax laws and in the preparation of tax orders, but also in the field of labor law, social and health insurance consulting, double and simple accounting, payroll accounting, auditing and many others.

“Of course, all services mentioned above we provide fully in German language.”

If you think we can give you a helping hand at the German Desk, feel free to contact us for more information.

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