International Accounting Day!

Did you know that November 10 belongs to all accountants? It is International Accountants' Day and for us this day is a small celebration. Just like last year, this year we dedicated a short article to the accounting profession. While last year we focused on 7 things that you (probably) didn't know about accounting, today we take a closer look at movie screens. 

There are countless movies that show that accountants are simply everywhere. Inconspicuous, but important. We bring you 10 films in which the main or supporting role is played by accountants. Maybe you have never heard about some, maybe you have seen some, but you have not registered the accountant. Either way, sit comfortably, let's get started. In the main tasks - ACCOUNTANTS.

10) The Accountant

Let's get straight to the point. In 2016, Ben Affleck played the main character of accountant Christian Wolf in the film of the same name, The Accountant. Christian is a member of an inconspicuous accounting firm, but he also works as a freelance accountant. It would be nothing special if his clients were not the largest criminal organizations in the world. As Christian gradually uncovers accounting records and reveals the truth, the number of mysterious murders around him begins to rise...

9) Midnight run

If you wanted to know how Robert De Niro looked like 32 years ago, the action movie Midnight Run offers you this opportunity. In this film, De Niro portrays the former police officer Jack Wash, who is tasked with finding a mafia accountant who stole $ 15,000,000 from his boss and donated it to charity. With a deadline to complete this all before midnight on Friday. For an experienced police officer it can be no problem to find him. Or?

8) The Untouchables

We continue with a star cast and this time Robert De Niro is joined by Kevin Costner and deceased Sean Connery. They take us to 1930, where at that time the streets of Chicago were ruled by the fearless Al Capone. When the situation with corruption and bribery is unbearable, a special representative of the Ministry of Finance is sent to the city, who decides to form a non-bribe team, which also includes a police accountant from Washington.

7) The Shawshank Redemption

We believe that we do not have to introduce this cult movie to anyone. Wondering where the hell was the accountant in this movie?  Well, it is the main protagonist Andy Dufrense, unjustly sentenced to life in prison for two murders he did not commit. Although, the message of the movie is mainly the power of friendship, hope and unwavering will, the character of the accountant is undeniable. Especially at the end of the movie, when his accounting skills will bring him certain benefits. The Shawshank Redemption is still one of the best cinematographic works, as proven by 7 Oscar nominations.

6) The Producers

If you are not a fan of action dramas and thrillers, the musical The Producers may be something for you.  Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, aka the theater producer and his accountant, who came up with the devil's plan to embezzle a lot of money, will be singing for you.  The plan is simple - get a high budget from sponsors, produce a cheap looser and put the price difference in your pocket. However, they did not count on the possibility that the intended second-class film would become a hit, which would completely disrupt their plans...

5) Moonstruck

Moonstruck is an American romantic comedy from 1987, in which the main storyline revolves around the businessman Johnny Cammarer and the widowed accountant Loreta Castorini. Set the starting point at a romantic dinner, where Johnny unexpectedly asks Loreta for a hand and she agrees. The carousel begins, in which everything seems to be influenced by the moon. The film received 3 Oscar awards, one of which went to Cher, who played Loreta alongside Nicolas Cage.

4) Schindler’s list

Another film that we could include among cinematographic legends. Oscar Schindler's famous story was based on real events during World War II. Oscar risked his life and sacrificed his property to save Jewish refugees. Well, he also had a helper. His name was Itzhak Stern, an accountant who helped run the factory where the Jews worked.

3) Hitch

Hitch, a professional dating guru get a new client Albert, who is an unobtrusive and mundane accountant. His heart was stolen by New York celebrity Allegra Cole and Hitch is supposed to be the one to help him get closer to her. But things start to get complicated when Hitch falls in love with her as well. Will a romantic comedy performed by Will Smith convince you?

2) Dead man

In 1995 the western movie called Dead Man, in which the main role was played by Johny Depp, portraying an accountant traveling for work to the border town, was aired for the first time. By an unfortunate coincidence, he becomes a chaser and is accompanied on his journey by the Indian Nobody. Suddenly, this world looks completely different from how he knew it until then.

1) Ghostbuster

At the end, we will mention another cult movie - Ghostbusters. Do you remember the character of Luis Tulley, who was also an accountant? At least, until the building in which he lived has become a portal to another dimension and he has become possessed by evil spirits. However, before the accident he organized a party, but only for his clients, because it is "tax deductible".

BONUS: The Ascent of Money

Our last tip is not connected with accountants, but with finances it is. The six-part television series The Ascent of Money takes us through the history of the emergence of various currencies and ends with an explanation of the origin of the last financial crisis.

So, do you already have your evening favorite?

Anyway, at VGD we have full department of superheroes, so if you need any help with saving your life, we are here for you ;).

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