Forget about paper documents, at VGD we do digital accounting!

Real-time data and more efficiency

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have different questions. Not only about the different support measures, but certainly also about the concept of an essential travel. For example, if you are in a lock-down or quarantine, can you still make a trip to your advisor?  And are advisors among those professions that have to close their offices?   Confusion everywhere, but not among our employees and clients! Within VGD we have been going digital for a number of years now.  Both our employees and our customers have an extensive range of digital tools at their disposal to make everything run quickly, efficiently and digitally.

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Your mailbox is now digital as well

Our office works with TULIP. This software allows us to simplify and automate many administrative processes. This ranges from the delivery of documents to a digital mailbox and the approval of invoices that can be paid, to the follow-up of outstanding invoices and sending reminders for these.

Even in these times, it is perfectly possible to deliver all documents digitally without having to make a non-essential move and you can keep your entire administration digitally.

Digitally monitor the financial health of your company

In terms of reporting, both our customers and our employees can monitor everything.  Because we realise that, especially in these uncertain times, entrepreneurs must always be aware of their figures and forecasts, we make them available digitally and in real time via PowerBI (and Silverfin)In this way, our entrepreneurs can get a clear insight into their figures at any time of the day, and both our clients and our employees can monitor the financial health of their company at all times.

Help I don't have an chip card reader...

Are you tired of carrying a chip card reader and installing complex software just so that you can monitor your e-mail box on and communicate with state authorities, we have a solution for you. You can leave this responsibility to us. Authorize us to monitor this digital mailbox and we will keep you informed of important information and submit official documents for you.

Let's talk (digital)!

You don’t feel comfortable coming to our office for a face-to-face visit?  No problem!  Over the past month, we got used to working from all sort of places.  And for this we needed digital communication forms. So our employees are still (digitally) available to you via Microsoft Teams (or Skype, Webex…), mail or telephone. So don't hesitate to contact your advisor. Wherever we are, we remain your sparring partner in these uncertain times!

Do you still have other questions in these difficult times? Then be sure to contact our advisors via For more information, follow our Facebook page or Linked-In

Wanna be digitazed?

Contact us! 

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