Kurzarbeit is replacement of contribution First Aid for employers

Kurzarbeit - The Part-Time Support Act is a permanent tool for helping employers. Its aim is to partially reimburse the employer's costs for compensation of the employee's wages at a time when the employer can not, due to the influence of an external factor, assign employees full work under the employment contract and can therefore proceed to the so-called Shortened work to maintain employment.

The external factor is temporary, could not be influenced or prevented by the employer and has a negative impact on the allocation of labor to employees. It is in particular: an emergency, state of emergency or emergency situation or force majeure circumstances.

The legislative framework and all conditions are published on the information website of the Ministry of Labor https://www.skratenapraca.gov.sk/.

State support is provided at 60% of the average employee's earnings. The employer participates in the time of part-time work by additional payment of compensation of the employee's wage in the amount of at least 20% of his average earnings. The employee will thus receive a wage compensation in the amount of at least 80% of the average wage, which contributes to the time of part-time work by accepting a maximum of 20% lower earnings.

Eligible target group:

  • Employee (not contractual workers on temporary basis for specific work)
  • An employee in a legal relationship on the basis of a contract for the professional practice of sport

The support is provided for each hour of obstacle on the part of the employer due to the limitation of the employer's activity in the amount of maximum 60% of 1/174 double the average wage in an employee in the Slovak economy published by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic for the calendar year support provided.

An agreement with employee representatives is required to provide support during part-time work, which entitles the employer to request support from the office / headquarters. If the employer does not have employee representatives, an agreement concluded with a specific employee is required. If no agreement is reached between the employer and the employees' representatives (or between the employer and the employee), the application dispute is resolved by an arbitrator agreed upon by the parties to the dispute, or at the employer's request by the Ministry of Labor.

The employer is obliged to keep the job for which he was provided support during the part-time job for at least two months after the end of the calendar month for which the support was provided.

After the expiration of the period of job sustainability, a check will be performed through the information system of the Social Insurance Agency. The aid provider may decide on the obligation to repay the aid within two years from the date of non-compliance. If the follow-up inspection after the granting of the aid reveals that the employer did not meet all the conditions and therefore the aid was granted to him unjustifiably, the Office / Headquarters will decide on its withdrawal.

The employer submits the application to the electronic mailbox of the office or headquarters via the Central Public Administration Portal - www.slovensko.sk.

So far, only the basic legislative framework on this topic is known. We will provide more information on how the new tool works in practice and how to request a contribution.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists dedicated to this area.

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