Electronic sick leave is coming

On the part of the Social Insurance Agency, there is a change in the process of electronization, which introduces electronic sick leave - so-called ePNky.

The social insurance agency will provide employers with the following information via the ePN service:

  • announce the creation, duration and termination of the temporary sick leave of the employee,
  • reason for temporary sick leave,
  • the employee's place of residence during the temporary sick leave,
  • if the treatment regimen is violated, this information is also provided,
  • make available any change in the data provided.

The employer will use the ePN service for the Social Insurance Agency:

For an employee who is recognized as being on a temporary sick leave, send the employee's account number to which he pays his salary or information that he is paying his salary in cash. It shall also provide information on the last day of the employee's work before the onset of temporary incapacity for work. It will send this information via ePN as soon as possible if it assumes that the incapacity for work will last for more than 10 days (from day 11, the Social Insurance Agency pays sickness benefits).

In the case of an ePN issued due to an accident at work / occupational disease, send the above data as soon as possible and regardless of the expected duration of the sick leave (benefit is paid from day one).

Report the period for which the employee is entitled to income compensation and whether or not income compensation has been paid if the ePN is confirmed due to an occupational injury / illness.

The above-mentioned ePN service will be made available to employers via the Social Services Portal of the Social Insurance Agency.

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