Change in the First Aid project for December 2021 - Measure 3B

The Government of the Slovak Republic approved a change in the conditions for supporting the maintenance of employment within the First Aid project for the eligible period of December 2021.

Due to the gradual introduction of stricter measures that may have an impact on maintaining employment, Measure 3B is reintroduced for employers who employ a maximum of 49 employees and whose sales have fallen by more than 40%.

Depending on the decrease in sales, it will be possible to draw a flat-rate contribution of between EUR 450 and EUR 810 per employee.


All interested parties can apply for the contribution of 3B measure, regardless of the segment in which they operate.

Do you need help regarding First Aid Project or its measures?

Contact us. Since beginning of the pandemic, we have been preparing the Covid-19 Resource hub with an overview of all measures.

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