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Since the middle of March 2020, the Slovak economy is facing the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic as schools, shops etc were closed and many other measures were introduced.  In order to relief these effects, the Slovak governement is now introducing several support measures.  Most likely many entrepreneurs will be affected by the measures and would like to take use of the support offered.  Also in these difficult times, our advisors will be there for you.


With this resource hub we have tried to create a central point where you can refer to and where we will give an overview of the valid measures and provide you with relevent information.  Do you nevertheless still have questions?  Don't hesitate to contact our task force via

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Overview of the current support measures

Are you searching which support measures are available for your organisation?  Our advisors have created a clear and easy overview of the currently valid support measures per main section.  We try to keep this up-to-date as much as we can.


Questions? Contact our task-force!

In these difficult times you have a lot of questions.  To this end we have created our Covid-19 taskforce.  Our advisors have dealt already with a numerous amount of questions and might thus have a standard answer for your already available. 

Or maybe you need standard advice.  No worry, we will be more than happy to look into your specific situation and prepare tailor-made advice for your business. 

Moreover, we understand that these are difficult times for all of us.  Therefor the first contact to our specialists is free of charge and also later we will apply favourable rates for the tailor-made advice!

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Covid 19

Our reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic

Let's talk!  Every day VGD strives to create a pleasant workplace with happy and healthy employees.  This way we can think proactively about your future.  That's why we decided to let everyone work from home.  Our employees are all available by Phone, Skype and e-mail.  Read more about it via our announcement.

Apart from this, we strongly focus on digital accounting, with tools like Tulip, Silverfin, PowerBI and many other.  Like this we can also provide excellent digital services to you in these challenging times.  Certainly as a client it is an advantage to hold your accounting digitally.  Download here more information on how you can take the first steps.

Useful contacts

Useful contacts

There is a load of information available to guide businesses through the current crisis and to help them fight the effects of it.  We have tried to make an overview of the most useful links we encountered.

If you are searching for useful contacts abroad, or how other countries are dealing wit the pandemic, the Nexia resource hub is a very good starting point.


we educate you


We want to share with you our know-how. Therefore, we have decided to organize online seminars for you, in which we try to explain you current topics and answer you all your questions at the same time. 

In our last seminar, we focused on opportunities you could use in fight against negative impact of coronavirus on your company. At these links, we bring you presentations from the webinar in pdf format (Slovak language) - State Aid, Slovac economic in July 2020, Improving your cash-flow.

Also, we would like to let you know that all of our webinars are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. 


An overview of the Covid-19 related published articles

Changes in the Labor Code in relation to the coronavirus pandemic II.

In yesterday's article, we brought you changes in the Labor Code in labor law area. If you missed it, you can find it HERE. Also the following article will be devoted to the Labor Code, but this time from the social field.


Quarantine OČR - nursing is a sickness benefit, which is provided to an insured person who personally and day-long treats a sick child or cares for a child up to 11 years of age personally and all-day care is provided to the child, it has been closed by decision of the competent authority.

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7 useful digital tools for our clients at the time of empty offices

In recent days, measure against coronavirus has emptied many offices and many companies was forced to change drastically the way of operation…

And it’s also our case. We also had to adapt to the current situation and in this process we realize that the gradual digitization of last few years has helped us a lot. More or less, we only had to move our work chairs to the home environment, but all the key tools and documents we didn’t need to move. They stayed in the company and we access them remotely.

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What are the responsibilities of the employer towards probationary and fixed-term employees?

Here is an overview of what opportunities and responsibilities arise for you as an employer in the current situation with respect to probationary or fixed-term employees. During this period, VGD Slovakia also wants to provide its clients with advice, information and opportunities on what you can do as an employer to reduce your personnel costs. The easiest and fastest way to reduce your salary costs is to look at the employee that you can terminate easy: those persons still in their trial period, and those persons who have a contract for a fixed period. However, even in these cases there are obligations that you should comply with. Here are a few things to do:

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