Saldokonto will now be more efficient

The project Saldokonto helps to find out the status of the personal account (e.g. overpayments, arrears, taxes levied, reports, fines, etc.) on the Financial Administration website by logging into his personal internet zone. The condition is that the taxpayer actively communicates with the Financial Administration electronically.

Previous options have not been time-effective or cost-effective, so the launch of this project is intended to save time, but also taxpayers' costs. While until now it has been possible to verify the status of the personal account only after inspecting the taxpayer's personal file or after requesting a personal account through a general filing, this will also be possible electronically directly on the Financial Administration website, at no additional cost.

A person who actively communicates with the Financial Administration electronically can view information about outstanding and paid regulations, arrears, overpayments and advances online.

In practice, this means that the taxpayer or his statutory representative (possibly a representative with general power of attorney) can verify the amount of advance payments paid when completing the income tax return or motor vehicle tax. It can also verify the amount of future advances together with the variable symbol. An important part is also the possibility to check whether the taxpayer has arrears or overpayments at the Financial Administration.

If you have additional questions about checking your taxpayer's personal account, do not hesitate to contact our tax advisors. You can find more up-to-date information and our activities on our Facebook, LinkedIn and website.

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