Change in nursing and long-term nursing care

The amendment of social insurance laws brings with effect from 1 April the so-called new nursing and long-term nursing care. An insured person (e.g. an employee) who treats personally and all day is entitled to this benefit:

• A sick relative in a straight line (e.g. child, parent, grandson, granddaughter, grandparent, great-grandparent, great-grandson),
• Sick child who is not a relative in the direct line (see below),
• Sick sibling
• Sick husband, wife,
• Sick parent of husband, wife.

A child shall be deemed to be the insured person's own child or adopted child or spouse and the child entrusted to the insured person in the care of the substitute parents at the discretion of the competent authority. When treating a sick person, it is not only the family relationship that is detected.

The need for personal care of a sick person is assessed and decided by the appropriate treating physician.

The act extends the period of entitlement to nursing care (from 10) to a maximum of 14 calendar days from the need to care for another person or care for another person.

 At the same time, from 01. 04. 2021, the so-called long-term nursing care is introduced, which will be provided in a maximum of 90 days. Long-term nursing care will be provided for a maximum of 90 days, only the actual period of care is counted within 90 days, i.e. if the provision of care has been interrupted (e.g. hospitalisation), there is no entitlement to nursing care for those days, but it is not even counted within 90 days. The maximum number of 90 days is calculated in total for all insured persons who have provided care to the sick.

The long-term nursing benefit is intended for insured persons who will take care of a sick close relative:

  • at the end of his minimum five days hospitalisation, or
  • a close relative who is a dying palliative care patient or a terminally stage patient.

The need for personal care will be confirmed by the appropriate doctor. Thus, a new type of sickness benefit is intended to cover the loss of income during this care for the insured person who cares for a close relative.

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