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The team of our specialists will offer you:

  • Keeping the personnel register;
  • Registration deregistration of employees with and from institutions;
  • Processing and calculation of employee wages and rewards for people working under contracts of work and for statutory representatives;
  • Processing of distraint orders and requests regarding your employees;
  • Processing of leaves, absences and obstacles to work;
  • Processing of documents on inability to work;
  • Elaboration and dispatch of wage slips in an electronic form directly to employee e-mails;
  • Preparation of transfer orders for the payment of wages, insurance  premiums and deductions;  
  • Wage recapitulation (total, central, variable);
  • Documents used for bringing the wages to accounts;
  • Processing  and submission of reviews of paid tax allowances and deductions (monthly) to the tax authority in an electronic form;
  • Monthly statement of public health insurance advance payments paid to health insurance agencies and subsequent submission thereof in an electronic form,
  • Monthly statement of insurance premiums and allowances for the social insurance agency and subsequent submission thereof in an electronic form;
  • Processing and submission of the annual review of the tax on earned income;
  • Processing of the annual declaration of taxable earned income;
  • Processing of the annual report on disabled staff and submission thereof to the labour office;
  • Communication with institutions on your behalf;
  • Consulting regarding remuneration of employees, non-financial income, benefits etc.  
  • Consulting regarding the labour law, wages, HR, social insurance, health insurance, and income tax;
  • Consulting regarding the secondment of employees;
  • Consulting regarding employing foreigners;
  • Performance of audits of the labour-law documentation;
  • Consulting regarding employing Expats; and
  • other services

We will guarantee:

  • Reduction of risk of penalties and facilitation of building good reputation of your company as an employer - adherence to the applicable legislation and determined deadlines;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Processing of wages in a certified and always updated wage software;
  • Reduction of costs of archiving of  paper documents - electronic form of cooperation to the largest possible extent;
  • Adherence to personal data protection, as prescribed by GDPR; and
  • Active and professional communication