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German Desk represents in the VGD SLOVAKIA the part of the tax, accounting and wages department. Our priority goal is to advise the German-speaking clients reliably and decently and thus to build our common trustworthiness.

How can VGD SLOVAKIA help?

We have the knowledge and experience that we can use to understand the nature and level of risks arising from the situation and our clients' issues. For this reason, we can offer you the highly specialized tax consultancy and related tailor-made advice and solutions.

German Desk Team supports clients in the following areas:

  • Tax advice at national and international level as well as taxation services related to tax compliance and tax filing for Slovak and foreign taxpayers (companies and individuals),
  • Tax law, including the application of agreements for the avoidance of double taxation,
  • Employment law, advice on payroll taxes and related duties, 
  • Advice under social security law at national and international level,
  • Accounting and payroll accounting (companies and individuals),

  • Audit,

  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Our goal is to provide excellent, cost-effective and relevant tax advice. Our extensive knowledge and experience in all key industries and areas as well as our many years of experience in advising German-speaking customers ensure that we can offer our customers the best services.

Our knowledge of the language, and in particular of legal systems and business cultures, enables us to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

In short, German Desk enables us to apply our service-oriented approach to German-speaking customers in Slovakia and to Slovak customers with interests in German-speaking countries, which we can guarantee in close cooperation with our German-speaking partners in the Nexia network.



VGD provides guidance in the ralisation of your Chinese plans.

We evaluate for you the possible opportunities and risks for your company active in the second largest economy in the world.

We help you to limit the cultural and language barriers to a minimum from the start.

Furthermore, VGD is a two-way contact point. We are indeed also representing Chinese investors and their interests. In this respect, we closely collaborate with our PAN Chinese contacts.

Your contact person is Mr. Hanxun Su.


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