Overview of the support measures

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, a whole range of laws have been updated and new legislation has been created with the aim to introduce several support measures so that individuals and businesses can cope with the effects of the pandemic.  Some where later re-called, others changed or extended, some times within a couple of hours. 

Therefor we have decided to allocate these to 4 main area's and to guarantee that every Monday you will find here the latest applicable and up-to-date overview based on the valid legislation as to the Friday evening of the week before.  As such we have created below for you individual pages around HR, Taxes, Financial Support and Other area's, that will navigate you through these different measures and open up gradually more details.

Alternatively you can read our complex material here by downloading this PDF file: Complex memo

We further held a webinar on May 7th 2020 with an overview of the latest support measures.  You can review the recording here. And the presentation that was used during this webinar is also available.

HR are contributions in times of Covid-19

HR is now at the focus of many companies. How to manage my employees? So we will have a look at the labor law and what possibilities these offer to you. But also what direct compensation schemes you can draw upon to get contributions from the state for your labour costs. Further, there are changes with regard to the payment of the social contributions and payroll taxes or opportunity to use state package First Aid.

Support measures in the area of taxation

Within the area of taxation, there is a whole list of measures, ranging from extension of deadlines, till postponement of paying of taxes and the suspension of tax controls.

Financial Support

A lot of businesses are running out of cash.  Still you have several loan and leasing commitments.  What are your options here?  Can you postpone payments here?  But what will be the cost of this?

Or do you need an extra loan now to be able to pay your staff and critical suppliers?  Then maybe an extra guarantee from the state will help you persuade your banker to provide this loan to you.

Other area's

Apart from these 3 main categories of changes, the Covid-19 pandemic also brought several other changes in Slovakia, such as a ban on executions and bankruptcies, or the prohibition of owners to cancel the rental contract in case their tenant is not paying the rent during the period of the pandemic.  Via this link we have prepared an overview of these measures.